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Resources:  Renovation And Construction

National Association of Home Builders
Some interesting information for homebuyers is available at this site, although the primary focus of the site is on serving the members of the association.

Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas

American Bungalow Magazine
Published in the interest of preserving and restoring the modest American 20th century home and the rich lifestyle that it affords.

Old-House Journal
The web site for the perennially popular The Old-House Journal magazine., The Interactive Old House Netwok
Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of old houses. Site created and maintained by Kent Frutiger of Portland Oregon, who believes "history begins at home."

This Old House Online
The web site for the long-running PBS television show.

Old House Chronicle
Contains good articles about architectural styles and tips on renovation.

Renovation Pages
Plenty of information on renovation

Preservation Links
A-Ball Plumbing Supply's list of preservation links.

Hardwood Information Center
Provides tips for flooring, furniture, mouldings and other woodwork.

National Association of Homebuilders

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