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Resources:  Neighborhood Associations

Belmont Neighborhood Association

Greenland Hills Neighborhood Association

Hollywood/Santa Monica Neighborhood Association

Lakewood Neighborhood Association

Lakewood Heights Neighborhood Association

Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association

Lowest Greenville West

Munger Place Historic District Association

Ridgewood Park

Swiss Avenue Historic District

Vickery Place Neighborhood Association

Wilshire Heights Neighborhood Association

For The Love Of The Lake
An energetic group of volunteers dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of White Rock Lake Park as an urban oasis.

Information About Oak Cliff
Many of the neighborhoods in Oak Cliff (Kessler Park, Winnetka Heights, Kidd Springs, and so on) are of similar age, and have similar architecture, compared to neighborhoods in the area descrobed here at If your business takes you out the I-30 corridor, or if you prefer the quieter, more "laid-back" ambience of Oak Cliff, this site by Alan C. Elliott has good information for you.

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