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Sears, Roebuck "Honor Bilt" Modern Homes

Sears, Roebuck and Co. offered plans and materials for complete homes as early as 1909. By the mid-twenties, the homes were offered with "ready cut" lumber. Every piece of lumber was numbered,and every number corresponded with the number shown on the plans furnished by Sears.

honor bilt logoSears claimed this system saved money for the do-it-yourself homebuilder, because all the cutting of lumber could be done more accurately and economically by big power-driven machines at a factory, than it could be cut by hand on the job. Sears claimed a savings of 40% on carpenters' labor costs. "You only need a hammer and nails to put up the framework of your house."

In addition to the precut lumber, these "kit houses" included materials such as plumbing fixtures, pre-built cabinets, paint and varnish, preconstructed windows complete with sash cords and sash weights, door hinges, door knobs, lighting fixtures, gutters and downspouts; the list goes on and on. (Cement, brick, and plaster was not included.)

Sears felt it was smart business to promote home ownership as the logical alternative to renting:


honor bilt homes honor bilt homes
honor bilt homes honor bilt homes
honor bilt homes

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