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Your Knowledge Was Invaluable To Us

Dear Ken,

It was refreshing to find a real estate agent who was always available and always willing to answer any question. Your appreciation of the difficulty and stress involved in buying our first home made the entire process more comfortable.

Looking for a house in the M-Streets is a daunting process, but you made it easier by explaining from the beginning that it would be necessary to visit many houses in order to find the right one. How right you were! I lost count in the high twenties, but your patience helped us continue the search until we found the right house.

One of the first pieces of advice you gave us was of enduring value. It should be the first principle for anyone buying a house in the M-Streets: Each house has its own unique sets of problems and advantages. There are so many more details than I first appreciated about finding the right house. Your knowledge of local history, zoning laws, geography, and the strengths and weaknesses of each house (even the changes that had been made to particular houses over the last two decades) were invaluable to us.

Rob and Katie D.

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