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Ken's pledge of service to the home buyer

Every real estate agent says he's going to give you good service. But if we're going to do business toghether, I think you have the right as a home buyer to know what the concept of "good service" means to me:

1) I WILL be easy to contact and I will respond quickly to your phone calls, emails, and text messages.

2) I WILL supply you with all the information and support you need to make a well-informed decision.

3) I WILL share with you everything I’ve learned about homes and the homebuying process in 20-plus years as a REALTOR.

4) I WILL provide a thorough analysis of home sales data for the neighborhood when you are preparing to bid on a home.

5) I WILL make all listings available to you on an equal basis, without giving preference to homes that happen to be listed with RE/MAX.

6) I WILL always remember this is your home search, not mine.

7) I WILL be patient and respectful of your viewpoint.

8) I WILL give you time to consider your alternatives, and will not press you to choose a home quickly.

9) I WILL negotiate vigorously and effectively to get you the best price and terms for the house you choose.

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