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Some are born salesmen. Others have salesmanship thrust upon them. I belong to the second category.

I grew up wanting to be an engineer, and got my college degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I enjoyed an eight-year career as a machinery designer, working on new product development for a Dallas company that manufactured mobile drilling rigs. Then I was moved into the marketing department where I served as Product Manager. I rubbed shoulders every day with the men who sold the drill rigs I had designed. My curiosity and my competitive instincts were aroused. I began to realize selling didn't have to mean high-pressure closing. It could be consultative and collaborative in nature.

During this time I was renovating a 1923 Tudor cottage in the M-Street area. I was excited about all the improvements being made to old homes in the area. I wondered if there was a place for me in the real estate industry.

I also became involved in a year-long zoning fight with Dallas City Hall. A developer threatened to build a two-story strip center across the street from my home. I began to understand the key role real estate development plays in the Dallas economy.

My own experiences with real estate agents during this time was not particularly positive. I always felt I was being rushed into making a decision. I usually felt my agent regarded my questions and my requests for additional information as a nuisance. I thought I might be able to provide a different kind of service if I became a real estate agent.

ken lamptonThe collapse of oil prices in late 1984 lead to the shutdown of my company's operations in Dallas. Rather than move to another state I decided to become self employed. This was my chance to combine what I had learned about marketing with my first-hand knowledge of the wonderful old homes located in the M-Street area.

I decided to put my knowledge of the neighborhood to work helping people buy and sell homes in the M-Streets. By March of 1985 I had obtained my real estate license.

I had become a salesman in spite of myself.

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