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I was born in rural Breckinridge County, Kentucky. My grandparents were tobacco farmers, but my folks moved to the city. I grew up in Louisville and was educated in the public schools. My dad was a police lieutenant and my mom was a dedicated schoolteacher.


I moved to Dallas when I graduated from the Universty of Louisville, and I married Jane Robinson two years later.

ken and jane lampton on the Brooklyn Bridge

Jane is a life-long educator, and is presently the principal of Lee Britain Elementary School in Irving, Texas.

Just for the record, I have the best wife in the whole world!

Here we are on a recent trip to New York city.


Jane and I are DINKS (Dual Income No Kids). We are sporadically renovating our 1928 Tudor cottage in the M-Street area. We both love life in the M-Streets!

Photo Gallery

ken lampton

Talking to buyers in 1998.

ken lampton and drilling rig

In 1976 I was designing drilling rigs. Here I am testing a prototype truck-mounted drilling rig near Wickenberg, Arizona.

We broke it. That's what we were there for.

I enjoyed my years as a machinery designer very much.

ken lampton and WWII tank

I'll always be fascinated by the way mechanical things are put together.

Here I am at the 45th Infantry Division Museum in Oklahoma City.

ken lampton and garden

I like to putter with gardening and woodworking.

If they gave trophies for do-it-yourselfing, I'm sure I'd have a whole closet full.

ken lampton and jane lampton

Jane and I enjoy trips to New York City. Here we are in 2005 at the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Lots of fun but very cold!

Can you see our teeth chattering?

ken lampton with bicycle in dallas m streets

I relax by riding my bicycle on the Katy Trail or at White Rock Lake.

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