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Ken Lampton has served homebuyers and home sellers in Dallas, Texas, since 1985. His primary markets are the close-in areas between downtown Dallas and the "northern loop" of LBJ Freeway (I-635). Most of these neighborhoods contain homes constructed between 1900 and 1975, but there are also a substantial number of new infill homes being built.


Ken lives in a 1928 Tudor Cottage in the M-Street Area, and much of his business is concentrated in the M-Street/Lakewood neighborhoods, in Old East Dallas, in Lake Highlands, and in such East Dallas neighborhoods as Lochwood, Casa Linda, and Forest Hills.


Ken believes buyers and sellers in the Twenty-First Century have the right to expect real estate agents to be much more than mere "salesmen." He offers his clients reliable consultation, marketing know-how, and powerful negotiating skills to help them achieve their goals.


Ken's college education was in engineering and he worked as a mechanical design engineer for more than a decade before beginning his career in real estate. Like all succesful engineers, Ken leans toward a more analytical view of the world. This gives him a different way of thinking about houses and the housing market than most other real estate agents.

Ken believes his role as your agent is to be as objective as possible and help you look at every issue and every question from more than one point of view. If you agree this is the safest way to approach one of the most important decisions of a lifetime, you'll like having Ken as your agent.

Ken is a friendly guy who puts people at ease and makes the process of buying or selling a home less stressful. You can trust him to give you accurate and unbiased advice on every aspect of real estate.


Ken is a big booster of the M-Street/Lakewood neighborhoods between downtown Dallas and White Rock Lake. He is best known for his intimate knowledge of the market in this part of Dallas, but he also enjoys selling in the newer neighborhoods east of White Rock Lake as well as in Oak Cliff and Lake Highlands.

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Ken Lampton has all the formal training and credentials you expect from a professional, full-time real estate agent. But his most valuable training has come from "the Real Estate Division of the School of Hard Knocks".


Ken is the proud holder of a Master of Engineering Degree In Mechanical Engineering,1972, from the Speed Scientific School,
University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky.


National Association of Realtors

Texas Association of Realtors

MetroTex Association Of Realtors

Accredited as a Historic House Specialist by Preservation Dallas.

"You can get a license from the Texas Real Estate Commission, but that doesn't make you a good Realtor©. You have to pay your dues in this business to really know how to do the best job for your buyers and sellers."

Ken's Multiple Listing Service is provided by North Texas Real Estate Information Systems, Inc. NTREIS is a real estate information and technology solution provider serving the real estate community in a coverage area exceeding 16,000 square miles in North Texas, including Dallas and Fort Worth.

crs logoKen is designated as a Certified Residential Specialist by the Council of Residential Specialists.

Insist on the Best...Demand a CRS!

In order to qualify as a Certified Residential Specialist, an agent must demonstrate his competence through years of practical experience, and must attend special training sessions. Only 5% of Realtors© hold this designation!


December, 1974 to January, 1985: Before embarking on his second career as a Realtor©, Ken worked for Cooper Industries Portable Rig Division for ten years. He spent the first eight years designing mobile drilling equipment and the last two years as a Product Manager in the marketing department. Working in the marketing department had the unexpected side effect of making him want to learn how to "sell stuff".

March, 1985 to July, 1988: Associated With The Heindel Group, Realtors©.

July, 1988 to November, 1990: Associated With Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate©.

November 1990 to Present: Associated with RE/MAX Realtors©.

"RE/MAX© is the best real estate brokerage
for the agent with an entrepreneurial spirit."

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